Paper sessions on IFIP 8.6 2016  
Paper sessions Paper/Author/s Presentation of the paper 15 mins Discussants 15 mins

Session 1 - Chair: Jan Pries-Heje, Support: Livia Norström and Helena Vallo Hult

Paper 1: "Who is in Control in Crowdsourcing Initiatives? An Examination of the Case of Crowdmapping" by Abdul Rehman Shahid and Amany Elbanna Jacob Norbjerg
Paper 2: "Co-Creation and Fine-tuning of Boundary Resources in Small-scale Platformization" by Anna Sigridur Islind, Tomas Lindroth, Ulrika Lundh Snis, and Carsten Sørensen John Venable

Session 2 -  Chair: Ulrika Lundh Snis, Support: Anna Sigridur Islind and Monika Hattinger

Paper 3: "Learning for Professional Competence in an IS Context" by Peter M Bednar and Christine Welch Johan Lundin 
Paper 4: "ICT and Learning Usability at Work - Challenges and Opportunities for Physicians in Everyday Practice" by Helena Vallo Hult, Katriina Byström, and Martin Gellerstedt Deborah Bunker